Posted by Megan Dejean ● Dec 19, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Tips for Recovery Challenges During the Holidays

Holidays can be a great time for friends and families, but it can also be a difficult time for some. For those that have lost someone, it can be a sad time and for those in recovery or trying to get sober; it can be a challenging time.

Whether that is because they are around a family whose expectations feel they cannot meet, or they are just happy to be with family and possibly feeling guilty for not being there before. Chances are their sobriety will be tested, and they will need a game plan to ensure their sobriety stays intact.

Continue reading below for some tips to bring joy to your holiday season with the ones you love.


Those in sobriety need to focus on a plan for the challenges they may encounter during the holidays. The following are examples of what to do for that plan to ensure you stay safe and sober during the holidays: 

  • Strong network of friends Develop a Strong Network of Sobriety: In our sobriety, we create a sober network of friends to help us when we are going through tough times. It is crucial during this time that you have a select few friends that can be available should you need them, whether that’s a phone call or they are in the area. Having these people on “stand by” can alleviate the feeling of being alone for the holidays and thinking others may not know how you’re feeling.
  • Plan Ahead: If you are planning on attending a holiday party, knowing that alcohol may be involved is the smart way to prepare. If you’re able, bring a non-drinking peer with you, so you’re not alone, and it decreases the feeling that you’re “the only one sober.” 
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage): Bring your beverages to the party to ensure that you have something else to drink available other than alcohol. 
  • Respond Appropriately: It's vital to work on what you're response will be, if and when offered an alcoholic drink. You do not have to explain your rationale for not wanting to drink to everyone; you have to be consistent in your response. It is okay to say, "no, thanks." If you are comfortable talking about recovery, great, but you do not owe this to anyone except yourself.
  • Follow a Schedule: Stick to a schedule you create for yourself. While the holidays can be challenging, you want to go to meetings and maintain your recovery network as much as possible. That can include looking for meetings in local areas if you are out of town, linking up with those that are sober in the area can increase your chances of sobriety during this time.
  • Work With Your Therapist: If you are in treatment or have a therapist available, it is a good idea to formulate this plan with them so they can assist you in creating something substantial. They can also be a resource should you need support during this time.


At Framework Recovery, our team wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope you have a safe, happy holiday season with your loved ones. Be prepared for all aspects of life when managing your sobriety, including the special times of the year, like Christmas.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our addiction treatment services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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