Chris Curran

Co-Founder, Peer Recovery Coach

Chris hails from St. Louis, Missouri, where two hard-working parents raised him along with a younger brother. Coming from a construction-oriented family and working on job sites during school vacations at an early age, Chris understands the meaning of hard work. These life lessons followed him through high school to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He was at the top of his class. He took his values and moved once more out to the Bay Area in 2008 where he began his career as a financial analyst for a Winery ownership group. Over the next five years, he was quickly promoted to chief operating officer of a multi-business umbrella corporation, where he lived in beautiful San Francisco and had everything he ever imagined he would need.

Chris felt as though something was missing, and he couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong. On paper, his whole life was a success. But through embarrassment, isolation and fear, he found himself turning more toward “escaping” in every sense of the word. It wasn’t until Chris was able to understand that ego, pride and selfishness were the cause of his pain that he was truly able to begin his healing process.

Harkening back to his upbringing, a common saying around the house was, “Do it now, John,” and, “I don’t believe what you say; I believe what you do.” Chris strongly emphasizes action over anything else. He believes that for the thought process to change, it must precede a change in behavior, which often is contrary to what we want for ourselves. Chris believes that what someone is doing and not what they are saying, will show their character and has the potential to change their lives.

Over the years, Chris has voluntarily worked with hundreds of men like him, which developed into a great passion of his. It is this reason Chris decided to be a part of the solution through action. Chris is hoping to extend a hand and offer other struggling men a solution through a change in weekly, daily and even hourly behaviors. This, combined with other proven modalities, will help other men so that over time, they can live a content, purposeful and productive life beyond their expectation.

Troy Smith - Co-founder

Troy Smith


Troy Smith is an Arizona native with science and engineering degrees from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. After graduating from college, he moved back to Arizona to pursue a career in aerospace. He was a quality assurance manager in charge of reverse engineering, drawing control, metrology and FAA compliance. He specialized in the hydraulic systems of helicopters. 

Although he tried to appear successful on paper, he was struggling inside and coped with drugs and alcohol. He felt like everyone else got a life instruction manual that he didn't. His life was spiraling out of control, and his problems continued to pile up. His solution to his problems stopped working. He reached a point where he was ready to give up on life, but thanks to family and friends, he had a different opportunity. 

He moved back to California, the last place he was truly happy, and went through treatment. He learned the skills, behaviors and habits necessary to live a happy, sober life. He opened a sober living home with a friend in 2015 and found his life’s calling. Watching guys not only get sober and stay sober, but gain the forgotten or lost life skills that drive many back to drugs and alcohol drove him harder than any other vocation he’d had. Having guys come in as clients and leave as peers enriched his life.

Currently, he oversees the day-to-day operations of four homes filled with men from all walks of life. Watching his clients grow and transition back into the real world filled with purpose and drive has pushed him into expanding into an intensive outpatient program. His goal is to incorporate everything he has learned personally and professionally into a program that can prepare people for whatever life throws at them--to live life on life’s terms.

Megan Dejean - LCSW Clinical Director

Megan Dejean

LCSW Clinical Director

Megan hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. She learned at a young age the meaning of hard work and still continues to work hard today. She graduated from Muskingum College, in New Concord, Ohio, and continued on to graduate school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. During that time, she worked with at-risk youth in the area doing in-home based therapy for a year. She also worked at Cleveland Clinic Adolescent Inpatient psychiatric ward for another year. Working with these youth and their families propelled Megan into the continued years of working in mental health and addiction. 

Shortly after graduation, Megan moved to San Diego, California, to start her career. She spent six years working at Phoenix House with at-risk youth. During that time, Megan quickly climbed the management latter. She took a job in Orange County as the Program Director for an adult treatment program and has been working with adults in treatment ever since. 

Megan brings over 10+ years working in the field of addiction, both with adults and adolescents. She has worked with all levels of care ranging from detox to outpatient. She has vast experience managing staff, managing company budgets and overall program development. She brings knowledge of policies and protocols as it relates to program development, clinical expertise, and an understanding of the addiction process. She loves working with clients and being to help them in their journey to discovering who they are and what they want in life. 
“The clients are the reason I do what I do. They are all unique in who they are and all have the ability to show this and grow.”

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Amal Tanagho, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Tanagho is originally from Cairo, Egypt, where she attained her medical degree and has since been practicing in the United States for over two decades, most of which being in and around psychiatry and chemical dependency.

Through her career she has amounted to many things including multiple fellowships as well as faculty appointments with The Yale University School of Medicine among other prestigious institutions, board memberships with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology & The American Board of Addiction Medicine.


Dr. Tanagho is passionate about the field of Psychiatry, specifically addiction psychiatry, as it pertains to how brain chemistry, along with environmental factors & life events, affect people’s lives. It’s fascinating and very rewarding to her how much the right treatment can result in wonderful outcomes for individuals. She loves working with patients who struggle with addiction problems because of this and finds that walking side by side with them in their individual journey in recovery is incredibly fulfilling.

When Dr. Tanagho isn’t walking hand-in-hand with her clients, she enjoys singing (life-long hobby since she was a girl), and staying active by taking advantage of the beautiful waters around her in California and distance swimming! Dr. Tanagho’s passion for life and helping those around her brings a unique skill-set with decades of experience to the Framework Recovery team.

Christopher Curran and Troy Smith, founders of Framework Recovery, have both gone through treatment services and are now living their life in recovery. Our mission is to not only provide men suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) an individualized framework needed to become sober but to empower them to stop living a life controlled by fear. Framework Recovery, located in Orange County, California, specializes in providing the full spectrum of outpatient addiction care, including partial hospitalization programming (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), outpatient programming (OP), in conjunction with a sober living home (SLH). Framework Recovery provides individualized and targeted therapeutic interventions to stop the cycle of SUD through group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, extensive monitoring, and peer recovery coaching.